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Part No. : SMCJ16CA
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Manufacturer : Diodes Incorporated
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Therefore, the present detection technology, transmission technology, and other aspects of chip technology, the current can be solved mainly IPS accurate detection of single-package integration and high-speed transmission, for port scanning, denial of service, worms and other characteristics of relatively clear attack detection can be done efficiently and timely blocking protection, and for more sophisticated attacks can not be achieved. Of course, detection and access control to coordination and integration will always be the subject of our study, there will be more good technical patterns occur, regardless of name. IDS and IPS to meet the security needs of different users. Two technologies for a long time, and firewall technology will coexist with, and in the users information security system play different roles, and work together.
The difference is that with the previous, in addition to exhibition size and quality of imports was expanded and improved in addition to full bloom, "Bao Xiang-hua" and "wind wheels" for the creative commissioning of the prototype of the new logo, intellectual property protection, e-commerce platform The collective appearance of the trade fair exhibitors to become the most discussed topic. Experienced a half century of development, known as "Chinas first exhibition," The Fair at the occasion of the opening session of the 102 showing a new atmosphere. Since the 101st session, the Canton Fair for 50 years using the name "Chinese Export Commodities Fair" formally changed its name to "China Import and Export Fair", the most immediate change is the increase of import functions, and in full bloom, "Bao Xiang Flower "and" wind wheels "for the creative commissioning of the prototype of the new logo, letting the Canton Fair in China and abroad to further enhance the brand influence!

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