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Part No. : SMBJ85A
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Manufacturer : General Semiconductor
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Front-end synchronization: 10MHz sent when the Ethernet MII data arrives into 4 parallel, and to provide 2.5MHz input clock; reception baseband section in addition to providing data MPDU, also provides a 6.25MHz input clock. Taking into account data, enable and clock phase relationship between the transmission path may be affected by the impact of dislocation occurs, so when access to data and enable all to go through by the clock-triggered D flip-flop, so that they and the clock redefine the phase relationship in order to facilitate subsequent processing. DLL frequency modules: Since the system needs, FPGA clock is more than one work, and some provided by the input, and some must be produced by the local oscillator frequency then obtained by the FPGA. Meanwhile, with the 6.25MHz clock output with the MPDU should be divided by the local clock. Make full use of FPGA resources of the DLL frequency, this can improve the quality of the clock.
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