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Part No. : SMBJ78CA
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Manufacturer : Diodes Incorporated
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Complete analysis of HTTP 0.9, HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 protocol: HTTP connection to a multiple HTTP requests are analyzed and treated separately. Can be sent to the HTTP proxy server to analyze and process the request. Decomposition of the HTTP request method, host, path, query string and some other analysis and processing, respectively. The path portion of the decoding process, and decoding were tested before and after the path. HTTP XML parser in the rules are organized in hierarchical manner. Our main concern is the HTTP method "GET", "HEAD" and "POST", so we carried out this requirement in Method; This means that we only complete one of these three types of analysis and processing HTTP requests . Common HTTP and their agents in the network ports 80,3128 and 8080 were some of the provisions with port labels. rules section of the host may be prohibited access to the site. path specifies how to decode some of the path before the inspection, the path_decoded how to decode some of the requirements of the path after the test. That contain "% 63md.exe" path, HTTP parser will first be decoded "cmd.exe", then it is easy to match to the rules and generate code for the 1056 event. HTTP Analyzer event numbers and related information will in a uniform format to submit to the response module to do further processing.
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