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Part No. : SM6T18A
Description : TRANSILTM
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Page Number : 5
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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"Financial markets in the industry, the top of the pyramid, to best meet the needs of the financial industry, it means the industrys leading comprehensive strength." An industry expert said. In a number of suppliers, Epson to the ABC showed the "play list of players": the ME OFFICE 1100 inkjet printer, ME OFFICE 700FW/510 inkjet machine, and the PLQ-20K passbook printer, LQ-2680K and LQ-1900KII + printer combination into a full set of report printing solutions, from the front room window open until the back-office printing needs of applications, and catch each other. Not only that, "Epson also play the role of coaches, the first of what client is a fight game, where to play, and then provide the appropriate mix of players, in terms of cost, efficiency, dual match, and achieved the best price , creating value for customers. "Epsons official said.
Business volume of China Mobile completed 161.63 billion yuan, an increase of 33.7%; mobile communication services revenue of 134.68 billion yuan, an increase of 17.5%; total assets reached 327.4 billion yuan, assets and liabilities rate decreased to 26.1%. Labor productivity reached 1.556 million yuan, an increase of 28.9%. China Unicoms main business income of 37.98 billion yuan the year, an increase of 42.6%, with total assets of about 186.2 billion yuan. Labor productivity 742,000 yuan, an increase of 144.9 percent. Industrial management in 2001 further strengthened around the implementation of the "Telecommunications Regulations", the Ministry of Information Industry issued a series of departmental rules and regulations in succession, according to law has been strengthened; provinces and municipalities set up a successful Communications Authority; according to the state to rectify and regulate market the requirements of the economic order, carried out special rectification activities; increase communication construction market supervision, receive a certain effect; had ups and downs of the telecom tariff structural adjustment, effectively pulling the communication consumption, driven development of relevant industries; practical guidance to strengthen and standardize the market competition, leading to gradually improve the competitiveness of enterprises, new enterprises have grown rapidly, market competition and further form; increase network and information security management, and the initial establishment of the information security system; strengthening the standard-setting work, issued a number of important technical standards; quality certification agencies to accelerate reform and strengthening of product quality supervision and so on. In strengthening the sector management, a lot of work.

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