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Future leaders in every aspect of life should have a leadership style, especially family life. So, how should we influence children, so that they realized that the spirit of service to do a meaningful contribution it? First, we must ask ourselves, I do not practice the spirit of service model it? I have not seen my family have devoted their time and energy and community services? Secondly, I have not spent time for me to themselves and their families to meet the needs of others in the community so that each member of the family as individuals can make to meet those needs unique and meaningful contributions. Third, as the family leader, I did not think about these priorities and my life together, so the idea of service to be supported rather than weakened. Finally, I have in the family create such conditions and opportunities to authorize my child to serve it? I did not encourage and support their ideas and talent development? I have the opportunity to provide services for families, is there for these activities to create a fun atmosphere it? Even if the answer to each question is no, we are still able to decide from today to change our lives. Is the seller in the sale and repurchase goods sold at the same time, and the buyer signed a contract to provide the seller in a certain period, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract to buy back the goods sold and a transaction. From this definition was, sale and repurchase of the objective is to raise funds for the enterprise, then, enterprises in the goods sold, repurchased two aspects of goods should be carried out by sales and purchase accounts handled? Or by financing the accounts handled?
With the progress of operations, the actual budget through the analysis of the situation to achieve budget goals to achieve the tracking: to track the actual item for each budget target to reach the situation with the budget targets set value of the difference, percentage difference, etc., by pre-set budget targets for a variety of monitoring threshold, but also can achieve the budget target automatic tracking and early warning function: when the actual occurrence of predefined trigger conditions, such as the cost exceeds 80% of the value of goal setting, the automatic warning to the the persons concerned; When costs exceeded the target set value, the warning to upgrade to the responsible person; when the costs exceed 120% of the value of goal setting, early warning to the higher management and so on.

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