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Bernard said that 4 years ago, we informed AMD infringed on our patents, and how it is infringing our patents. Its Opteron chips and other products using these technologies. On AMD declined to comment, saying only that have not received a copy of the indictment. Opti asked AMD compensation losses thus caused it, and stop infringement. AMD has built a suitable place in the living room PC prototype, but other companies have tried before with little success. AMD PC prototype similar to the living room stereo components, the main function is to serve as media storage, store music, movies, TV shows and photos, then send the content to flat panel TVs and other PC. Therefore, PC manufacturers can presumably as AMDs reference design prototype.
Based on Lucent 5ESS? End switch PHS network solutions with the industrys best reliability and scalability, its telecom operators build a profitable network is increasingly highlighted the importance of. In addition, the Lucent softswitch with industry-leading technology to develop high-performance "Little Smart" value-added systems to achieve short message service, Hi-Mode, high-speed wireless data, prepaid services, location services and Centrex services to a broad range of innovative business. Lucent Chinas PHS network and unique solutions to the concerns highlighted by the Chinese telecom operators to meet the operational requirements of the commitment. Lucents PHS network and terminal equipment has been widely used in Fujian, Gansu, Jiangsu, Hubei, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Liaoning, more than a dozen provinces, the total number allocation more than 600 million users.

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