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Part No. : SK34
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Manufacturer : Diodes Incorporated
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SK34 Article About

Second, Chinas Internet domain name system in the top-level domain name "CN" temporarily outside the set "China", the "Company" and "network" 3 Chinese top-level domain. Third, the top-level domain under CN, pre-set the "category name" and "administrative domain" categories in English secondary domain name. Set the "category name" 6, respectively: AC - for scientific research institutions; COM - for industry, commerce, finance and other enterprises; EDU - educational institutions for China; GOV - for the Chinese Government institutions; NET - provides Internet services for institutions; ORG - for non-profit organization.
More surprising is the classic unassuming as "name sergeant," "Cold Blood" for the market level models use the same DVD drive and 2.0 subwoofer situation, not only the configuration of the COMBO drive, while using the results 2.1 subwoofer better; and affordable price of 5698 yuan for the same level relative to the 300 model is also low, so high enough price so that consumers excited. Moreover, during the event Shucu purchasing this model can not only free access to family cafe spree. If we add the 199 yuan a separate snow crystals obtained Shida 64M MP3, receive 30 million to add 99 pixel camera Shida, adding 150 Super MINI U 64M available disk.

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