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Part No. : SI4480DY-T1
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Manufacturer : ETC
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In order to strengthen emergency management and improve the provinces public security system to prevent and handle public unexpected incidents ability to maximize the prevention and reduction of public emergencies and the resulting damage, Gansu Provincial Public Security Department started the second half of 2009, provincial security Visual Command and Control System planning and construction. Emergency command the entire system is based on Kodak solutions for integrated visual scheduling, dispatching node covering provinces, 14 cities, 80 counties and more than 1,000 families by the Public Security Police Force basic units. In order to ensure flexibility in scheduling applications, the entire network by way of cascade multi-level building, the provincial Public Security Bureau command center as the main control center, set up a visual schedule platform, Municipal Public Security Bureau in the state, county Public Security Bureau Command Center the control center, located secondary and tertiary visual schedule platform for the end of the primary subjects of the team scheduling node, set visual dispatch terminal.
Railway companies since March 1, 2001 inception adhere to good customer service, improve service quality and level as the top priority, develop a series of management systems and methods. Company-wide implementation of the "person in charge and the system" will be customer service standardization, systematization; adhere to the "as customers reduce costs, create value for customers, providing customers with long-term service," the service concept, to improve, improve service quality, has been launched in 29 provinces and municipalities integrated telecommunications services, fixed telephone coverage 247, the data network extended to all land.

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