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Part No. : SG3846N
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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Backup successful. The timestamp for this backup image is: 20051230174105 seen in the current directory, then creates a subdirectory SAMPLE.0 that is generated by a database full backup. The following would be examples of these phenomena one by one: the end of the LOAD operation, where the table space will be placed on the table, "backup pending" state, at this time although the table can be SELECT operation, but not for UPDATE and DELETE operations. To return to normal state of the table, remove the backup pending state, must manually execute a BACKUP command table space. Because this is the default, if not specified in the LOAD command, the default is to use this option, such as: E: TEST db2 connect to sample E: TEST db2 load from staff.del of del insert into staff E: TEST db2 list tablespaces E: TEST db2 select count from staff E: TEST db2 update staff set id = 335 where id = 340 DB21034E The command was processed as SQL statement to handle, because it is not valid "command line processor" command. In the SQL processing it returned: SQL0290N Table space access is not allowed. SQLSTATE = 55039 USERSPACE1 table in the manual of a space backup operation, the table space state is normal, it will try again to update the success: E: TEST db2 backup db sample tablespace
Appearance, nx6330 notebook with magnesium alloy body materials, the surface is also coated with scratch protection IML, body lines are designed to be very tough, reflecting the business notebook design idea of the pursuit of stable atmosphere. Configuration, nx6330 notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 processor, Intel 945PM chipset, 512MB memory, 120GB hard drive, built-in combo drive, ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 graphics card, Intel wireless card, and 1000Mbps Ethernet PRO/3945ABG card . Interfaces, this machine has three USB 2.0 interface, a Type ] / ] pc card slot, a Secure Digital slot, 1 S-Video video TV out, 1 VGA port, a docking connector, 1 set of audio input / output port, a power connector, an RJ-11 port, 1 RJ-45 port, 1 accessory battery connector.

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