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Part No. : SG3845M
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Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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SG3845M Article About

In the network access layer, using a 48 Ruijie fixed 10/100M Ethernet RJ45 interface smart Gigabit switches STAR-S2150G achieve 100Mbps connection to the desktop, including two Gigabit uplink expansion slot, using Gigabit short double-stranded on the road with dual-core optical fiber to realize the connection with the Gigabit backbone, and access to the original equipment used by Gigabit twisted pair or fiber Gigabit dual-core switch connections so that the south tower of the gigabit backbone , Fast to the desktop to access the office network but also the full use of existing equipment, saving the investment funds.
Besides the executive accountants. In the appointment and management of cadres, the authorities can be divided into true accounting of people in accounting and false accounting people, the true willingness to work hard always capable of accounting, busy and spend a lot of time to learn and research services; false Accounting others Hunhunee, fame, take the time to learn the art of flattery flatter. Concluded that the agencys accounting people. With the reform and opening up, the accounting agency has become the emerging service industries. The more the development of reform and opening up, the more people need to forensic accounting and consulting, the more people need to tap the wisdom and ability of accounting, the more people need to maintain the economic order of accounting, which must be based on the accounting of the agency in accordance with the people-oriented concept of modern management management basis. But the reality is: you wore the accounting head "economic police" aura, but not enjoy the "imperial grain Lu State" treatment; stick to the honest position, but suffer the infamy fraud; commitment to improve the investment environment responsibility, their own living environment is very poor.

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