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Part No. : SG3843M
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Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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Support 802.1X port-based authentication method, the effective control of illegal user access; to provide port-based VLAN and 802.1Qs division of way, the whole network into multiple parts, and through the ACL function, the data block to visitors outside the network, to ensure network security. In addition, through ACLs flexible configuration, which can effectively suppress the virus like Blaster devastating impact on the network within the users information with each other to ensure network security; port mirroring public security system to meet the current demand for monitoring of Internet cafes, the use of monitoring software Through centralized monitoring switch mirroring the flow of data throughout the Internet cafes, analysis and forwarding. The program uses a typical hierarchical network design ideas, to maintain effective connectivity; when the network scale, the network is not required much adjustment can continue to use; GigaX2124X 24 full-Gigabit interfaces, in addition to considering external server connection can meet up to 20 gigabit access layer switches access, network size in the 200-500 between the user flexibility in adjusting the volume, easy to upgrade expansion.

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