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Part No. : SG3532J
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Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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The Radware MIG solution is to meet these needs, to achieve on-demand, real-time analysis of online / offline traffic and reduce overall operating costs, operators, and to ensure that the network operator deep visibility and better revenue-generating. Radware MIG solutions to operators by providing intelligent service management to achieve the advanced way to allow operators to get deeper in the application of advanced intelligent network services and visual management, and through new ways to optimize and more efficient way the introduction of new services, thus reducing overall operating costs, increase average revenue per user.
ChinaVenture reported that second quarter of 2008 show the overall size of Chinese enterprises increased number of IPO financing to reduce the amount of features. VC / PE background showing a rebound in business IPO size of trends, IPO volume and amount of financing a substantial increase over the previous quarter. The total number of IPO companies in China was 56, the chain increased 64.7%, an increase of 16.7%; total financing amount of $ 7,326,000,000, the chain decreased by 39.2%, down 64.0%. Which, VC / PE background number of 14 IPO companies, the chain increased 40.0%, down 26.3%; financing amount of $ 1,172,000,000, the chain increased 29.0%, down 86.9%. VC / PE background amount of corporate finance further decline in the average IPO, only 084 million U.S. dollars in the quarter, a decrease of 7.9%, the lowest since 2007. Since 2008, the average amount of financing has been a cumulative decline of 75.8%. Rate of return from the IPO of view, this quarter VC / PE background Enterprises IPO 3.12 times the average investment rate of return, the chain increased 11.1%, down 32.6%. With the continuous adjustment of the secondary securities market, the return rate of close to early 2007 levels.

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