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Groups financing, funding, financing and distribution of its own funds within the group decision-making by the company to use as needed unified. Subsidiary of the normal production and business activities by the working capital required to manage the subsidiary. Group unified financial management system of many forms, such as billing centers, reimbursement center, internal bank and finance companies. Decision-making as a company should also monitor the companys cash flow in time, at least a week can get immediate cash flow. Meanwhile, the Group should have predicted the financial system also functions to advance the inflow and outflow of cash to make accurate predictions and forecasts.
Here we have different types of employees, compared to four kinds of fish living environment, we combine the demand for the fish to talk about how to make different types of employee incentives. This type of employees, their most pressing needs of the material, such as wages, bonuses and so on. They need money to feed their families need for children to school, or for their survival and so on, so they can do the most tired, the dirtiest, most menial work, as long as there is a good income on the line. Their own and do not have much ability, and no luxury too high, they only need to earn enough money to take on family and life responsibilities. This type of staff on site is generally migrant workers, factory operatives, etc. The most junior officers, or may be people with financial difficulties, it can be near to an urgent need for social workers to spend money, the incentive for their most direct effective incentives are material incentives, if the lack of material incentives, can not meet their most basic material needs, give him more incentive to the spiritual aspects but there is no any effect. It is like we are a group of hungry people say, you so to do it, I did give you one after a new set of clothes, of hungry people, need most is food, not the clothes, the clothes beautiful, expensive, For them, did not make any sense.

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