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International Telecommunications Exhibition 2010, to appear on the new machine can be described as too numerous to mention, many of the new models have greatly improved the level of communication exciting exhibition. The show not only the appearance of the phone, so that consumers have enough eye addiction, the application of the system, it is so that we have an unprecedented experience. The exhibition, Amoi N80 by the media and consumers of great concern. The biggest highlight of this phone is to support OMS2.5 intelligent operating system. Earlier reports said, 0MS 2.5 system is expected to end this year with the majority of consumers. However, the international communication in this exhibition, the first display technology TD Amoi products N80, is the application of the OMS2.5 operating system. It is reported that, N80 is the first exposure of mobile phone use 0MS 2.5 system. This a show not only OMS2.5 system brings to consumers a new experience, but also herald new mobile era of consumer expectations coming!
China RoHS the "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control and Management Measures" will be formally implemented. Tens of thousands of machine, components and raw materials will be affected, including the automotive radar, communications equipment, mobile phones, televisions, computers, stereos, DVD, semiconductors, integrated circuits, medical electronics, batteries, microwave oven, induction cooker and other products industries. As we all know, China in the global electronic information industry has a pivotal position, so the implementation of laws and regulations may be brought to the global electronics manufacturing industry a real sense of "green" revolution. The current EU RoHS implementation experience gained, this "green revolution" will give hundreds of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters to bring new challenges. EU RoHS and China RoHS has some things in common, for example, two instructions are on the same electrical and electronic products, a restriction of hazardous substances. But we should note that the RoHS directive still has two big differences. In other words, the product has met EU RoHS does not necessarily mean that comply with China RoHS. These differences can be summarized into the following major areas: product range, focusing on product management, catalog, product effective date, product ID, and directory product testing and certification.

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