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Part No. : SG3525A
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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For businesses, a good succession system that allows organizations to foresee the future talent needs; can observe the learning process focused on cultivating talent, and continue to put them to face the challenges of growth and the new location, continues to provide immediate needs of corporate elite management team, reducing the risk of failure caused by poaching and morale within the organization to combat. There was a small story, is said to have a solid big lock hanging on the iron gate, an iron went to great lengths, or it can not be prized open. Key to, and it got into keyhole thin body, just gently turn, it snapped a large lock to open. Irons surprised, and asked: Why am I took so much effort is also not open, but you have easily opened it up it? Key said: Because I know his heart. Now there are many internal issues such: enterprise mobility too fast, the conflict between employees and the company is growing. Business decision-makers also spent a lot of effort to solve this problem, but in the process, seems to have had a big lock can not open cross in the middle of a headache. The reason is not done the right remedy, did not get to know his "heart."
However, WLAN manufacturers have been focused on the development of wireless infrastructure equipment, third-party WLAN vendors such as Bluesocket or Netmotion Wireless has been busy developing wireless security products, management tools for the specific development of WLAN is a back seat. In the N + I and the Comdex show, although some show the wireless management tools, such as Symbols Mobius Axon Wireless System, Proxims ORiNOCO Wireless Network Manager, and Network Associates and other vendors sniffer improved management of equipment, but Many of them are hardware devices, software tools, after all, not as flexible, particularly to integrate them into the Tivoli or OpenView network management software such as framework. Moreover, 802.11b management tools, the slow development of mobility management applications. Whether laptop computers on the network where you are, not only from the remote computer to determine the location of parking, but also to meet the overall needs of mobile users: the users a clear understanding 802.11x network, XP Pro Tablet or software fails, This means that even with 802.11x wireless management tools and dedicated management features of operating systems, mobile security and authentication, and other links.

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