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Part No. : SG3524J
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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Generalized back-end integrated OSS network management system covering all functions, including service provisioning and service assurance. The service opened, the first application should be "97 interface" to achieve the development, which is before and after the end of the more successful examples of two interconnected systems. User data, business information systems management from the 97, the exchange switch network responsible for the management of resources, 97 applications for the business system to the user in the form of work orders issued to the exchange network, under the instructions from the exchange network to the switch, the automatic open for business . With the exchange gradually expand the scope of network management, the ability to launch the service in real time gradually extended to other professionals, to achieve a more open professional services, including ADSL services, PHS services, intelligent network and other emerging business CRBT ; and services, security, relying on the professional network-wide professional evolving unified network management system, which is the narrow sense of "Integrated Network Management."

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