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Part No. : SG3524DR
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Page Number : 20
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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B4C00618 0111045204 PH ssa0 RESOURCE UNAVAILABLE command: ssaxlate-l hdisk1 output: pdisk0 pdisk2 pdisk3 this case, according to IBMs engineers say, may be due to voltage instability caused by! Solution in a piece of pdisk rejected RAID10 problem: 1. With the command ssaxlate-l hdisk1 see whether the four panel output: pdisk0 pdisk1 pdisk2 pdisk3 the absence of a continue following an operation. 2. With the command smitty ssaraid select Change / Show use of an SSA Physical Disk to see if the missing piece of plate state: rejected, and if so, proceed to the next operation. 3. Select Chage use of Multiple SSA Physical Disks select the missing piece of disk, disk status changes: Candidate Disk. 4. Select Change Member Disks in an SSA RAID Array select Swap Members of an SSA RAID Array, delete the virtual disk number, increase the lack of that disk.
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