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Part No. : SG3503M
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Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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Although some people suspected in a few months ago but also the feasibility of single-chip solution and the market prospects, but have to admit, single-chip solution in the second half of 2006 several leading mobile phone really has become the key words of chip manufacturers. Excellent backplane bandwidth, switching capacity, packet forwarding rate and superior scalability is a Gigabit Ethernet Ethernet in the progress of the speed and distance, using full-duplex technology, do not use the low, the half-duplex The CSMA / CD protocol. In addition, the early Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet retains the essence of the model, which can be integrated seamlessly with existing Ethernet environment to support customers existing applications. ASUS GigaX 6504 has 1.2Tbps the backplane bandwidth can be extended to 2.4Tbps, capacity and packet forwarding in the exchange rate also were as high as 640Gbps and 476Mpps.

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