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FiberHome was proclaimed in Wuhan, a responsibility to develop the new national optical communications began its faltering business trip. At that time, the registered capital of FiberHome 3.3 billion, operating income of less than 6 million. However, through years of development, the flames of communication has been upgraded to a new milestone, created Chinas "national team" high-tech enterprises continued steady growth miracle, and the first successful implementation of the capital, markets and talent of the areas of comprehensive international strategy. Years of development, brilliant but not ordinary. July 2001, the flames of communication was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange to complete the capitalization of the enterprise and the public of the initial shareholders to establish benefit-sharing culture. And, the company also take this opportunity to implement drastic restructuring in the enterprise and the other posts, allocation, Ding Yuan and the salary system and other reforms, the establishment of a more flexible operating mechanism.
China has not set up training industry access system, just as up for an advertising company does not have much money and a certain size limits the number of qualified practitioners who have limited advertising, as anyone can open a consulting firm to do the training business. So far, no clear laws and regulations for the training industry, there is no legal action we do not know where the bottom line. So the future of the training industry to be dominated by the government, the media to monitor, enterprises to participate; have an authoritative trade organizations external speaker, is responsible for the training of consumers, the media and government accountability, the development of enterprises from the catalyst. Crisis in September: mutual isolation, training and business management out of touch

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