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Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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SG2503Y Article About

Back in May 2008, the famous Venus of network security vendors announced the successful control CAVIUM 16 core MIPS Gigabit multi-core processors as the core high-performance platform, making it 10 times the performance security products. This will also achieve a real sense of domestic Gigabit UTM product breakthrough, reached the international advanced level. Subsequently, the country rocks Network Division, Lenovo and other security domain, manufacturers have launched their own high-performance multi-core platform, setting off a multi-core computing performance in the domestic field of information security technology innovation to enhance the layers of waves.
Continuing to integrate a large number of sites Monternet can not bring a steady stream of income, will bring a lot of repetition. This has two consequences: First, the user could not bring a lot of browsing, and second, very low income greatly reduced the enthusiasm of the content provider. China Mobile users an analysis of the test showed that the application of the current GPRS are mostly concentrated in the bottom of the traditional Internet applications, such as send and receive E-mail, visit the website and ticket reservations. "This is a very low level of those fixed Internet applications for mobile users, mobile Internet features for personalized service in order to attract them." BDAs senior manager of Wang Meng said. China Mobiles GPRS trial gave all the data the user several hundred dollars grant applications, but until the end, no one put a few hundred dollars spent. Most of the content provider is familiar with the set of the fixed Internet, it does not know the needs of mobile Internet users. To the current income of view, the movement of Shenzhen Tencent QQ actually occupied "Monternet" half of the total volume of business, other companies have seen very little money. In addition, the troubles of the negotiations so that they greatly reduce the enthusiasm - even the short message service, China Mobile has not closed the national network, each content provider and the provinces need to go to the company to negotiate.

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