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Part No. : SFH617A-4
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Manufacturer : ETC
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SFH617A-4 Article About

Google Greater China president of sales and business development for Chou said: "Googles authorized agent in China, with focus on planning, professional cooperation and common agents for domestic enterprises, especially SMEs, to provide professional and practical web promotion services! Meanwhile, Google on the authorized agents of the comprehensive training that will help SMEs to improve advertising effectiveness, in regular, honest local service and support to help companies bring products to national and global, to win the enterprise network more potential customers, get more benefits, to enhance its network marketing value.
From the above mentioned characteristics and buying behavior of consumers told us the process, the core needs of consumers of psychological self-concept and behavior understanding. Psychological analysis for the audience, advertising, positioning strategy should include: audience strategies of cognitive psychology, the "build first," "brand" and "non-cola" positioning strategy. ] people in everyday life of any known as the "first" has a strong interest in things and can produce good ] memory effect. This is consistent with "serial position effect," the psychological principle, we can use this psychological law of ad targeting. Consumer goods in the market based on the order and location of the mental processing of perceptual cues and start the memory system, and always remember the type of product in the "earliest" and "best" brand, and provide evaluation there is a standard element from advertising, many companies want to build their products through advertising, the "first", "best" image of the market. If the goods can not be accounted for in the hearts of the audience "first" position, then advertising how to locate it? Based on cognitive psychology of consumers should be to "brand" for the positioning strategy. Brand name is not a simple token, it contains the image of its own value, can make the products have a lasting market advantage. A brand to the market, we must first understand their audience is. The importance of brand positioning is clear to the market: consumers of the product is.

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