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Part No. : SFH617A-3
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Page Number : 3
Manufacturer : ETC
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This simple approach, coupled with the high short-term disk storage SATA-based bid, so that the virtual tape library as a good choice. The first generation of virtual tape libraries are gradually entering the data storage center. RXT Sabre as VTL: RXT SabreMedia additional advantage of the mobility compared to the traditional virtual tape library with real innovation advantage. A RAID-protected data can be stored in a data center close to the line, or offline, complete data protection solution that is in any other virtual tape library can not provide. Correspondence between the virtual and physical tape media and virtual tape corresponds to further simplify the integration and use issues. Obviously the physical media using bar codes, you can easily track, rather than to accept the concept must be changed back is virtual.
Lenovo regard that as a major international strategy Lenovo component, TOP program had been carefully prepared, including the protocol requirements of desktop computers, notebook computers and other products made by the R & D plan in advance the deployment of a complete and rigorous. So join the TOP agreement signed in the first time Lenovo will launch this notebook. According to the latest news shows, the number of road association has sent troops to move into Europe, to assist the work of the Turin Olympic Organizing Committee to jointly study and solve the technical problems. We can say that after a thorough deliberation and preparation, the Olympic association has started the wheels. Chinese mobile phone industry, one of the leading manufacturers Amoi Electronics Co., Ltd. has selected Ericsson Mobile Platforms as their 2.5G platform supplier of technology. Between Ericsson and Amoi Amoi license agreement will be a new feature-rich tri-band GPRS mobile phone - DA6 be reflected on. Meanwhile, the license agreement further reinforces the core of Ericsson Mobile Platforms in the field of mobile phone technology leadership.

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