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Part No. : SFH617A-2
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Page Number : 3
Manufacturer : ETC
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E-mail to bypass the problem solved after the Barracuda Spam Firewall features have been fully exploited, spam blocking rate of 98%. Below is a Taiwanese company Fair Barracuda Spam Firewalls filtering effect diagram. ChinaJoy is the most influential games industry event, not only become well-known gaming company of many blooming stage, the game has become a service company to provide anti-piracy stage show. According to organizers, the event attracted game such as StarForce software encryption technology company that the company present. According to "China International Digital Entertainment Industry Forum," said a receptionist, Star Shield, General Manager of Asia Pacific, attended the forum Maya Mountains, and the grand, EA, Microsoft, and other relevant parties to conduct a conversation. "China is now such a fire the game, but piracy is also more serious, the company provides software encryption will naturally popular." The receptionist said at last.
Schools can also build schools firewall DMZ port their own WEB, FTP and other servers, external publishing site, the school outreach of a window. In addition, the VPN through the firewall function, only schools to apply for a line with fixed IP addresses, you can achieve mobile office, go out to staff as long as access to the Internet through the WINDOWS operating system comes with the VPN dial-up dial-in to the internal network. Digital China Networks using existing network technologies and the advantages of their products, to a reasonable plan for the Northwest Nationalities University Yuzhong Campus building a high-performance, high security, easy management, and easy to maintain the campus network. The Northwest University for Nationalities as a nation of higher learning, in many ways the forefront in the nation, this time the successful expansion of the campus network throughout the city in Gansu in turn provide a more comprehensive school campus information technology solutions templates.

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