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MPLS VPN-based network technology program is currently the second floor there are two, namely, such as proposed by Kompella Layer VPN, and Martini and other raised floor VPN. These two programs are similar data plane, can support multiple data link layer technologies such as Frame Relay, ATM AAL5 CPCS mode, ATM transparent cell mode, Ethernet, Ethernet VLAN, Cisco HDLC and PPP and so on, their main difference is that the control plane protocols. The following two options were discussed specific implementation. Kompella Layer VPN, in the implementation of the program is divided into the following three steps: first, the establishment of LSP. Network in the PE routers pre-established LSP, can be RSVP-TE, LDP or CR-LDP in any way. The LSP can be used for a variety of services, including traditional Internet, Layer VPN, VPN, three. This step is actually a network of providers, a necessary step in the implementation of MPLS, and VPN implementation of the second floor is relatively independent.
Internet cafe owners had better focus the majority of the next, and orange seven times learned in Nanchang, Tyan S3950G2NR Server Board has arrived, the market price was not immediately clear, however, want to know, please contact Nanchang seven degrees. Tyan S3950G2NR Server Board with Broadcom HT-1000 chipset, with an AMD AM2 CPU socket, support for AMD Opteron 1000 series processors, supports dual-core processor. Maximum support 800Mhz HT-Link. Board with 4 dual channel DDR2-DIMM slots, maximum support 8GB Unbuffered DDR2 memory, which also supports DDR2 400/533/667 memory and ECC memory. Expansion, the motherboard with a 64-bit PCI-X 133MHz slots, four 32-bit 33MHz PCI slots and one Tyan TARO SO-DIMM slot.

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