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Part No. : SE555JG
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Page Number : 24
Manufacturer : NEC
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Anti-Phishing Working Group found that in November, a total of 51 firms by the use of criminals, the financial services industry has once again become a favorite of criminals, accounting firms are using 75%; ISP account to be used vendors 16%. Givens said that in the use of EarthLink and MSN, phishing attacks, criminals use the same template ] ] web design, language, button. He said that we can believe that the use EarthLink to phishing fraud hackers turned to use MSN, or a hacker using a similar phishing tool. ISP to use this two attacks are asking people to provide a user name, password, social security number, credit card numbers and other personal information.
Google was also the content into the portal market, the product is Google Finance. But Google underestimated the competition in the market and the portal threshold. CNNMoney, Yahoo Finance and other giants have a large number of loyal users, Google does not have "killer content." According to third-party statistics, Google Finance financial services network in the United States ranked next to last. Google confirmed Tuesday that the company plans to release Windows version of Google Chrome browser, and plans to release Mac and Linux versions later. Google Chrome browser may not be able to have a significant impact on market structure, Google had planned to enter the desktop market, most can only be said to be "mixed."

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