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SD5401CY Datasheet | Linear Integrated Systems
Part No. : SD5401CY
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : Linear Integrated Systems
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Virtual tape destruction: all the data written to disk after the deletion, there may be restored. Destruction of virtual tape capabilities to help users stay clear from the bottom of any data on the disk to ensure that no possibility of any illegal steal data. This function uses the standard approved by the U.S. Department of Defense confidential document destruction process, in full compliance with regulatory compliance and data privacy requirements. Duplication architecture cluster performance, reliability, cost, fully take into account well-known, information systems and data stored on a considerable number of parts are repeated, among which the highest proportion of duplicate backup data. Generally speaking, two groups of similar points in time full backup, the same data up to 80%, even if the backup server are different systems and applications, duplication of data between each other may also be prohibitively high rates. In the traditional data protection framework, the backup data will only increase the repetition rate.

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