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Part No. : SD5001N
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Manufacturer : Linear Integrated Systems
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The survey used a professor of Tsinghua University the right to Chen learning organization model, individual and organizational learning capabilities, respectively, as measured by 9 sub-standard, then the weighted aggregate. Chen further explained that right: "that capacity" refers to the internal and external environmental changes that bring opportunities and challenges; "inventive" refers to a variety of proposed new programs to respond to environmental changes in the capacity; "Choose ability" refers to the preceding kinds of new programs the ability to choose; "execution" means the program will choose a new ability to put into action; "generalization" refers to the knowledge and experience to judge the whole, the ability to spread; "the ability to reflect" means knowledge and experience in the formation of regular inductive knowledge; "ability to acquire knowledge" means knowledge based on their needs for external recognition, absorption capacity; "ability to transfer knowledge" is required in accordance with their own knowledge and experience in exporting capacity ; the "knowledge management" refers to the accumulation of knowledge, classification, sorting and access capabilities.
688 Freelander appearance of not really small, too far from beautiful, more conservative design. 120 75 16.5 mm tall with silver front panel in addition to the fuselage, the rest are black, metallic paint process quite fashionable, but the silver is dark. The right front control buttons is very rich, the square button design rotated 45 degrees, the key is not as dull as other products. The direction of the top do not need to say more use of the navigation keys in the car after the trial gave us a little bit when the surprise, the original use it is to drag the map, but no previous experience of most products can do.

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