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Part No. : SD5000N
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Manufacturer : Linear Integrated Systems
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Do not remote storage management by creating volume file replication service replica set. Otherwise, it will seriously affect system performance and possible loss of library data. FRS replica set may need to periodically read every file, which will send the contents of the file to another computer. This will make the FRS withdraw "Remote Storage" has been sent to the secondary storage of all documents, which will take a long time. If you use the tape as secondary storage, remember that the directory will be the order of FRS in order to withdraw the paper and not the media, so much the tape performed by the FRS search operation may damage the tape and cause data loss. Distributed File System Do not enable replication on the root directory. 3. If the "file" field is not visible in the target list, then by clicking on the "Actions" menu, then click the "Show Replication Information" to display it. 5. In the "Actions" menu, click "Enable Copy", or click the "Disable Copy." If you enable the replication target, the system will prompt you to specify a temporary folder.

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