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Part No. : SC84036CV
Description : Fully Integrated High Currnet Lithium-Ion Battery Charger System
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Page Number : 17
Manufacturer : Semtech Corporation
File Size : 361 Kb

SC84036CV Article About Shared HUB monitor the cable needed to connect a shared in the HUB, in order to achieve the function of monitoring. For small companies, between the Company and the Internet to place a NIDS, is a relatively cheap and relatively easy to implement. Using HUB, will lead the host into a half-duplex network connection from the duplex, and if the NIDS data sent through this HUB, it will increase the potential for conflict. Shunt uses special equipment to cable, direct line from the network copy of the same data, from a copy of the two cable will connect to support the monitoring of the switch, NIDS and then connect to the switch . This program will not affect the existing network system, but need to increase the switch, expensive and faced the same problem with the monitor port.
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