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Manufacturer : Semtech Corporation
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The Government considers that real-time monitoring to help combat terrorism and crime, but the plan was related to the privacy people are skeptical. British Home Secretary Duo Mi Ni Ke Ge Li Fu Conservative shadow cabinet, said: "if not through public discussion, any abuse of power by the government to intercept communications data, recommendations will people think of evil." Sources told the "Sunday Times" reporter that the project has "in principle" approval by the Cabinet. But the Home Office stressed that the project has yet to make a formal decision. Special authorization by the British Junqingwuchu this stage, small-scale monitoring e-mail and Web sites. 6, according to Xinhua News Agency from the Ministry of Information Industry and learned recently that the Ministry of users to report messages to the screening and sorting of SP-related enterprises bulk false propaganda messages to trick users irregularities were investigated to verify . Investigation and handling of the current work has been completed, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Chongqing and other Provincial Communications Authority of serious violations of 18 companies made the SP ordered to stop the punishment.
Create a flexible computing environment that require sophisticated computing power, such as one by a specialist to perform these tasks consisting of many computers in server rooms. With these computers, the engineer may have additional requirements, in accordance with the needs of the system with the ability to assign multiple virtual machines, so that the system more efficient. Sometimes a small project may become complicated. Programmers to create such a system may be full of ambition. But keep in mind I said before. What kind of business you are in? They want to create the system is not trivial, nor is it an independent programmer to spend a few weekends can be done.

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