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Part No. : SAB80C537-16-N
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor Group
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ORACLE application system covering production, sales and finance, implement a comprehensive three shared, eliminating the previous information island phenomenon. Greatly reducing the duplication of effort and error rate. For example, in the procurement process to purchase a single main line, the resulting follow-up of warehouse storage, invoices, accounts payable and a series of customer data. Buyers make purchase orders in the system, when after the arrival of the procurement of materials, inventory management system, first view the purchase order, and then make purchases in accordance with orders received, what has changed in the past to close what the passive situation; the technology sector through quality module, the quality of raw materials to share the test results to the procurement, inventory, finance and other departments; financial staff to cope with invoices and purchase orders by matching orders for monitoring the implementation of vendor suppliers of goods and assessment of quality, inventory and payable modules through and goods to the projects without payment payable to reflect the directory look out. Full data sharing and less duplication of work, improve the efficiency of collaboration among various departments; also provides real-time leadership of the business information and accurate statistical analysis of data,

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