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Part No. : SAB8031A-P
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor Group
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All the equipment has started, just use touch pen or finger point, open the SMART Board interactive whiteboard comes with Notebook program. Draw a random structure rather tension curve, easy to complete. Wait, Im the size of the image, the angle still not satisfied, return? Or use the drawing tools? Fortunately, you can directly adjust on the whiteboard. To be honest, I have already tired of the traditional blackboard slightly rigid practices. SMART interactive whiteboard - I found a free new land for cultivation. Paint? Pens, pencils, pens and other pen-based and transparent selection with me. Play? Pictures, video, documents, I casually play.
Although AMD Danube platform is based on K10 micro-architecture processors, but AMD will still be released for affordable computer-based K9 architecture, with a 64-bit FPU of the processor. The other is the launch platform for the Danube Champlain processor, code-named will be based on S1g4 socket, will support the current Tigris platform compatible. New processors will use the 45nm SOI process, the processors TDP, respectively 25,35 W and 45W. In addition to supporting DDR3 memory outside the new processors can also support DDR3L memory to achieve longer battery life. But AMD will not be equipped with a new generation of mobile processors L3 cache, while the core rate is relatively low, the frequency of four core products 1.60GHz - 2.30GHz, three-core processor frequency 2.30GHz - 3.10GHz. Although the new processor does not bring ultimate performance, but still will effectively enhance the performance of AMD platform for notebooks.

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