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Part No. : SAB80186-N
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Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor Group
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Case: A clothing company seize the opportunities of the times, with central-level media in the country for a successful investment. However, due to the company to control strictly the price system, leading to abnormal phenomenon have occurred a few years down the dealers complained, by the vicious destruction of the brand, companies will finally decline. Diagnosis: As long as there is in circulation, there FALSIFYING! Can be said that the use of R & D center well, the accelerator can be a channel development; but if used improperly, the evolution of malignant FALSIFYING, it will be the crisis of corporate life. In general, I do not encourage R & D center, after all, to transport the majority of SMEs do not master the market, once the abnormal phenomenon is often out of control. However, once the abnormal phenomenon has occurred, then what should dispose of it? First, self-control. Though small, the five internal organs are to be evil. As small and medium enterprises is concerned, enterprises should establish a standard market rules, while channel shall be solely responsible for the sales department, other departments may not participate. Clarifies the relationship between responsibility and authority, even if general managers personally to goods, but also by sales tricks work at enterprises to maintain a uniform price of the product, to a certain extent, to block the source from the companys own R & D center.
802.11n devices in the market, user equipment procurement price and performance there has been a "two-way choice" practices. However, as the global economic impact on the market intensifies, companies in the network deployment, the equipment is still relatively high value. But at the same time, they are also more concerned about the cost factor. Enterprise users want to equipment vendors to develop low-cost high-performance products to meet the distribution network and high-speed mobile business applications. In this trend, 802.11n equipment procurement "two-way choice" practices or will break. In the wireless network market, and never a lack of good equipment, some technology providers. Them through technical innovation and R & D for the development of wireless technology into a new element, but also the deployment of wireless networks for the user to provide a rich solution. When the economic crisis when the company contracted costs, the equipment providers 802.11n products starting to cut prices to help businesses more cost-effective solution to deploy or migrate to 802.11n networks.

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