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Collaborative innovation to the world at the same time, the enterprise is a collaboration within the enterprise. In fact, today, as more and more collaborative things music, in such an environment, how can we make this business more efficient, so that companies and more efficient collaboration between enterprises, and even more efficient upstream and downstream business, which is We want to create a collaborative management tools. Therefore, we concluded it to be "content to create the future, collaborative creation of the world." Therefore, we introduced for this PortalAge SmartBox cutting-edge management solutions and chest solutions to better serve the rapid development of these enterprises in the future. Then we can relax a little and see a little three-minute video. Integration of cutting-edge international companies very much, the current top users more than 100 domestic enterprises. I believe it will develop faster, more companies will add to our industry. We have two product lines, including enterprise information portals, and enterprise portal server. There are many here today is our cutting-edge enterprise portal partners. We also hope that such cooperation can together with our partners to provide more and better use of the software.
3, is the product knowledge training. Product features can be quickly converted into a point of interests and needs of customers is a professional sales staff that should have the basic quality. In such a rapid progress of modern science and technology, the coming era of knowledge economy to promote economic globalization, the corporate training has become an inevitable fact, and are subject to government, businesses more and more attention. Government, the U.S. government to spend 600 billion dollars each year staff training; France the cost of staff training for general education funding accounts for 25%; the Singapore governments investment of 30 million Singapore dollars. Enterprises, Motorola built their own universities, investment in training each year for 120 million U.S. dollars; ge education funding for training was $ 900,000,000 a year; the domestic front, Changhong invest 10 million to establish a training center for staff training. At the same time, in May 1999, on the topic of some enterprises in Beijing survey data shows that 72% of those who attach great importance to the senior ranks of middle management training. Which holds that: training is the development of enterprises accounted for 64%; people are trained at 44%; training is a means to stabilize personnel accounted for 36%.

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