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From the mathematical analysis, file integrity checking system to overcome, whether it is on time and space are impossible. File integrity check system is very strong tool to detect file is modified. In fact, the file integrity check system is the illegal use of a detection system is the most important tools. File integrity checking system has considerable flexibility, you can configure a monitoring system for all files or some important documents. When an intruder attacking the system, he will do two things, first of all, he has to hide his tracks, that he wanted to change the system through executable files, library files or log files to hide his activities; the other, he to make some changes to ensure that the next time to continue the invasion. These two activities can be detected in the file system integrity checks.
Kingsoft fourth quarter 2008 total revenues of 257.2 million yuan, growth of 19%, an increase of 55%. Among them, the gaming revenue 176.7 million yuan, the software was 080.4 million yuan, respectively, of total revenue accounted for 69% and 31%. According to annual results announcements, Kingsoft online games revenues in 2008 was 553.7 million yuan, representing an increase of 40%; software business revenue 261.2 million yuan, an increase of 67%. In the case of global economic weakness, Kingsoft 2008 full year results reflect the "online games + software" the power of twin-engine model. A survey report shows that the number of Chinese Internet at the end of 2008 reached 298 million, while the twin-engine growth model Jinshan results also benefited from the growing popularity of Internet in China and the increase in number of Internet users.

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