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SAA7188AWP Datasheet | Philips Semiconductors
Part No. : SAA7188AWP
Description : Digital Video Encoder DENC2-M
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Page Number : 36
Manufacturer : Philips Semiconductors
File Size : 168 Kb

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IBMs Rear Door Heat exchanger is installed in the rack server room in the back end of a popular water can be discharged to the system for cooling the air. This technique applies to most of the customer data center cooling air conditioning systems of existing water source, up to the server heat emissions reduced by 55%. The conventional AC technology than the more efficient design can be installed on any server, can help customers reduce the burden on existing air conditioning system, up to 15% in energy costs. Improved heat dissipation of each rack to allow customers to make "full", saving valuable floor space and avoid the need to buy more air conditioning systems.

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