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SAA4700 Datasheet | Philips Semiconductors
Part No. : SAA4700
Description : VPS dataline processor
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Philips Semiconductors
File Size : 66 Kb

SAA4700 Article About

In the process of rapid development of access networks, the traditional telecommunications business and the business model increasingly difficult to meet the needs of users and the market, fixed network operators and service from the user faces the multiple challenges, including: the Internet on the traditional voice business impact; earnings growth rate lagged far behind the growth rate of the bandwidth; mobile communication alternative for fixed communications; market competition continues to intensify; the needs of individual users have become increasingly prominent. In addition, competition between operators was increased: in depth between fixed network operators to snatch each others traditional territory of high-end customers, mobile operators and traditional fixed-line operator market for corporate information
Hai Tong Securities pointed out that the June G network users of China Unicom added chain, respectively, year on year and down 5.2% and 1.6%, monthly new users monthly decline in a row. In addition, China Unicom in June year on year and the total number of users increased by 13.4% qoq and 0.8% growth rate the previous month were slightly down. China Unicoms C Net June monthly users only 16,000 new users, a new low since 2004. Despite the impact of restructuring is not complete, China Unicom net new subscribers in June the number of G is still normal. With the gradual completion of integration with China Netcom, China Unicom is expected to decline G net new subscribers is expected to be contained.

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