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Part No. : SAA1101T
Description : Single-Mode FC ADAPTOR supplied
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Seiko Instruments Inc
File Size : 67 Kb

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Support for traffic classification and QoS guarantee is one of the important backbone of the switch characteristics. Backbone switch relatively large number of users access to the user on the network requirements are numerous and unorganized. Therefore, the backbone of the switch, should be able to for different users, different network environment, QoS-based traffic classification and filtering. How much the number of flow classification, will largely affect the backbone of the switch junctions and operational capacity to meet the growing business user needs and the ability of security assurances.
Seismological Bureau in Hunan wide project with the dawn of day A620r-F server is mainly based on its high availability, high reliability and scalability features. The dawn of day the dawn of wide A620r-F is a well-built high performance, reliable, flexible configuration, the new generation of dual dual-core 64-bit servers, using 2-way AMD OpteronTM 2000 series processors, the use of ultra-high speed transmission technology to connect more CPU and chip set of resources, with processing speed, availability, and other characteristics, seismic information platform to fully meet the needs of massive data processing.

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