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Part No. : S80C196KC20
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Manufacturer : Intel Corporation
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Above all the modules involved, in both good support under Linux, through the Linux kernel customization, and the appropriate choice of a variety of applications can be completed; Although it looks easy, but in fact the whole pathway security issues, is by many designers to get rid of the bottom of the package is good, so users can not understand. 2.2 for Linux-based NAS windows of the application in this area, Windows is also involved in the design of the corresponding NAS solutions, as shown in Figure -3. And the Linux build NAS contrast, can be found in many architectural design is the same, after all, the prosperity of the operating system or the various UNIX Daniel started eating them.
Samsung CLP-315 color laser printer is a designed for SOHO users and owners of SMEs to create, to provide fast and stable color printing products. Compared with the general color printer, Samsung CLP-315 application of the 360 MHz processor, can easily qualified for the daily color graphics printing needs of SMEs. Whether ordinary A4 paper, or envelopes, labels, transparencies or special media and paper cards, Samsung CLP-315 can be a stable performance and accurate color rendering. The use of a color printer but still a large number of black and white document printing needs of users, high-speed black and white document processing function is very useful, Samsung CLP-315 black and white document printing speed is 16ppm, color laser printers than faster, and its color document print speed of 4ppm, with no less than comparable products. Resolution up to 2400 x600dpi make imaging results more clear and natural, in black and white and color output of the process can be fully qualified for everyday printing needs.

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