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S8050 Datasheet | Wing Shing Computer Components
Part No. : S8050
Description : TRANSISTOR (PNP)
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Page Number : 1
Manufacturer : Wing Shing Computer Components
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S8050 Article About

] plans to develop new wireless network card driver, if developed, could be carried out on existing Centrino notebooks software upgrade, support for national wireless network security standards. "Initially, it was on how to Centrino, later also how to go back to P4-M." "Centrino notebook in the foreign markets in the country to form the introduction of Pentium-M, the purpose is to make good preparations on both hands." "Because The Government has not issued a document to immediately prohibit the procurement of the industry Centrino notebook, the attitude of many industries or the user does not matter now. "
HPs Network Storage Products Division was held in Beijing, "HP network storage and new product development strategy conference," This conference is the HP Compaq merger, China HP in the enterprise storage on its strength and advantages of the first comprehensive display. Hewlett-Packard official said that in the future development of HPs network storage strategy will focus on storage management and virtualization storage. And storage areas in the realization of another important company after the merger of Compaq, Hewlett-Packard to determine its leading position in the storage area. HP disk system in the global market, global external storage systems market, the global virtualization market, global markets and global SAN tape drive and automatic loading of the market have achieved market share in the first place. Is to be the case, the new HP storage sector in the future overall development strategy and its full line of products, only high-profile architecture and positioning. China HP Enterprise Systems Group Director As widely networked storage products, the network development strategy for storage products is divided into two parts, namely the high end, mid-market. According to him, in the high-end market, HP NSS will also provide XP series storage systems, and the former Compaqs EVA storage system, the combination not only for enterprise customers with scalable, high availability, the overall storage system independent and can be scalable, modular virtual storage.

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