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S6025L Datasheet | Teccor Electronics
Part No. : S6025L
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Teccor Electronics
File Size : 1600 Kb

S6025L Article About

The markets first Green Ethernet technology switch DGS-1016D, with original green energy technologies. - Reduce the power consumption of equipment and reduce the heat generated - extending product life life - reduce overall operating costs low switch connected to a computer that not all of the time data exchange with the network, sometimes only connected to the switch port, not to exchange of work. When the computer or network equipment is shutdown, switches often maintained a connection with the device, and consume a lot of power. D-Links Green Ethernet technology, energy efficiency, the switch can automatically detect the connection status, when that port is idle, to reduce the ports electricity. Even if a computer or other connected device is set to standby mode, it will also reduce the power of the port, and can save a lot of power consumption.
Android may try to distinguish between the application form with the Chrome OS. Google has repeatedly stressed that the difference between the two design concepts - Android for smart phones, set-top boxes and Internet and other mobile devices; and Chrome OS is for the prolonged use of the network operating system designed for users may not affect the implementation of the netbook, notebook and desktop computers and other computer equipment. Google Chrome OS and that those who are interested in OEM vendors will be selected in accordance with market demand, the optimal target program - both are available, or choose one.

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