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S3C2440AL-40 Datasheet | Samsung semiconductor
Part No. : S3C2440AL-40
Description : 4-bit single-chip CMOS microcontroller
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Page Number : 91
Manufacturer : Samsung semiconductor
File Size : 332 Kb

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Similar to the basic operations and business interface mode: While the business model of each multimedia application, operation mode and presented in different ways, but the decomposition into its "atomic operations", these multimedia applications and business interfaces and basic movements are similar such as media encoding, transmission, decoding playback, media storage, retrieval, on-demand playback, camera control; In addition, as multimedia applications, all share a common architecture and support system infrastructure software, such as the operating system adaptation, database operations, multimedia data model, configuration management, alarm management, user management. IMOS early in the design to a variety of multimedia features and multimedia data abstraction, the formation of a variety of models, based on these models to achieve a variety of multimedia software components shared. Through a combination of these models, with the corresponding "management plug-in", "media processing plug-in", "control plug-in", and the corresponding business presentation, and ultimately provide a variety of different outside of the business functions. H3C all multimedia products as the common software platform IMOS, need to support a wide range of multimedia products, product form covered by the terminal, MCU, video codecs, management platform, and other media processing server, the role of networking these products, applications scene, business functions, management, etc. are very different. Therefore, IMOS structure must be cut to ensure a good, flexible scalability.
Oct 10 05:50:29 zsc picld [113]: [ID 498155 daemon.error] Device PS1 AC UNAVAILABLE This is a dual power supply servers, one ineffective. The server room to move to Shanghai from Beijing to a room, or to add a hard drive, as this situation is the need for system configuration / set to make changes to meet the actual needs. The obvious fact that the engine room set up in Beijing to move to Shanghai room server network parameters can not be used after the most, which requires some degree they need to change the line. Then we illustrate a few examples. , Modify the network parameters. Compared with linux, solaris 10 modify the network parameters to be complicated. It involves ipnodes, netmasks, hosts, defaultrouter, hostname.x and other documents. 1, run the command ifconfig-a view the network interface name. root @ zsc # ifconfig-a lo0: flags = 2001000849 mtu 8232 index 1 inet netmask ff000000 ce0: flags = 1000843 mtu 1500 index 2 inet 61.128.x.40 netmask ffffff00 broadcast ether 0:14:4 f: 1e: 69: f3 ce1: flags = 1000843 mtu 1500 index 3 inet 192.168.x.5 netmask ffffff00 broadcast

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