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Part No. : S2064A
Description : TO-39(H) PACKAGE SERIES
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Manufacturer : ETC
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S2064A Article About

For more virus, anti-virus center recommended Jiangmin majority of computer users: 1, immediately upgrading Jiangmin antivirus software, open a new generation of intelligent antivirus engine and the classification of high-speed control, to prevent the current prevalence of viruses, Trojan horses, harmful program or code attacks, such as a users computer. 2, Jiangmin KV Online users please upgrade control center, and suggested that the relevant management personnel at the appropriate time for the entire network killing viruses, ensure that enterprise information security. 3, Jiangmin Wiggin virus Zhuanshagongju Download: http://www.jiangmin.com/download/zhuansha04.htm4, Jiangmin antivirus software "system monitor" feature, from the registry, system processes, memory, network and other conduct various operations in terms of active defense, you can monitor the first time unknown viruses, all-round protection of the users computer system security. 5, "Jiangmin secret security" can be effective protection of online banking, payment platforms, online stock trading, online games such as account passwords, full protection of user privacy information. 6, set the network share account and password, try not to use a blank password and the common string, such as guest, user, administrator and so on. Password should be more than eight, as far as possible complexity. 7, running through the network share before downloading the software program is recommended for viruses before killing in order to avoid lead poisoning. 8, suspected to have poisoned the users can use free online virus scanning for viruses Jiangmin verification. Free online virus scanning address: http://online.jiangmin.com/chadu.asp. For more detailed technical information please call the virus Jiangmin companys technical service hotline 800-810-2300 and 010-82511177 for consultation, or visit the Web site http://www.jiangmin.com Jiangmin online access. Today, there are two viruses is particularly noteworthy, they are: "online game trojan variant CIZ" and "sly variant YBE" virus. "Online games trojan variant CIZ" virus specifically to steal online game account, can cause a variety of anti-virus software can not run, increase the users risk of infection.
Organized group activities. In the group, to train employees who can not be substituted for mutual encouragement, to learn complex new content to create effective and useful sense of security, and guidance between peer group is usually very friendly, clear and rich in skills. Group activities can inspire employees to start learning the vitality of competition and promote their interest in learning and enhance learning. Facts have proved that no matter what kind of cultural context, in the group share responsibility for security and are always welcome. But the training should start in the group activities, the staff clarify their role in the group, to explore them through practice how to more effectively learn together. If small groups to case studies in the organization, technical drills, discussion and debate, games, teaching methods, then employee motivation will be higher education would be better.

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