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Part No. : RTC64613A
Description : IC-REAL TIME CLOCK
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The key to mobility, the ability to track the client device from one access point to another access point of the move, and then forward packets according to the corresponding situation, rather than force the user to obtain a new IP address. In a single subnet, this can be achieved by using the client MAC address. However, this method more than one subnet is inappropriate under the circumstances, it makes the administrator can not effectively manage the network. For roaming between subnets, wireless client device must be able to track the movement of the third layer. Moreover, the infrastructure must be able to represent the client to perform some basic IP connectivity, so that the existing IP infrastructure, customers will not perceive the movement. One way to solve this problem is to achieve Proxy Mobile IP, but this method it is more complicated configuration, need to change the LAN routing infrastructure.
Called "Self Start SAM" This software is based on ISO standards for software asset management. According to Microsoft, the software aims to help enterprises "format" of their SAP process, control their process. Companies can use Microsoft tools to audit their software and get the help of Microsofts partners. Self Start SAM is on trial by the Microsoft SAM Partners, will be in January next year, available to all customers. The software provides the most services will be free. The new software will enable partners and customers, within 3 months of access to Microsoft software assets, a business statistics.

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