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RHRG3060 Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : RHRG3060
Description : 30A, 400V - 600V Hyperfast Diodes
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
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/ Proc / / lwp / / xregs - This file is related to processor architecture, some platforms may not have this file. For SPARC systems, this text corresponds to / usr / include / sys / procfs_isa.h prxregset defined in the file structure. / Proc / / lwp / / gwindows - conventional register window. This file exists only in SPARC based systems, description of use conventional LWP register, corresponding to gwindows structure that is defined in / usr / include / sys / regset.h file. / Proc / / lwp / / asrs - auxiliary registers, exists only in the SPARC V9 architecture, designed for SPARC V9 architecture defines a set of additional hardware registers, the kernel requires sun4u ,64-bit ,64-bit process. Note ,64-bit kernel can run 32-bit process, but the 32-bit process does not have a corresponding file.
ZOTAC GeForce 8600GT 256M arrival ZOTAC GeForce 8600GT 256M work, the ZOTAC GeForce 8600GT 256M designed by an independent PCB, although based on non-public version of the design, but the graphics card is equipped with a large number of aluminum through the quality testing of ceramic capacitors and inductors for the stability of the graphics card to provide a guarantee. Cooling, the ZOTAC GeForce 8600GT 256M using turbo radiator, fan and cover the entire core and memory to achieve the overall cooling effect. Using 1.2ns GDDR3 graphics memory particles, formed 256MB/128bit of memory, graphics card frequency of 600/1600MHz, reached a very high standard, providing even better performance.

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