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Part No. : RF9986
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Manufacturer : RF Micro Devices
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PAS 7 of the improvements that customers receive a higher visibility and operational control, so IT departments can more quickly find faults in their environment, to achieve coordination of accident repair and change automation. Process Automation System 7 provides several important enhancements, including: enterprise-class security - the software through a single sign-on, support the Kerberos protocol, and customized to meet the complex role of the security model, etc., to provide enterprise-class safety of the built-in load balancer - the software now directly provide high availability and disaster recovery features that make management and configuration easier for the feature 64-bit support - The software supports 64-bit Oracle and Linux, including large financial services are therefore consistent with customers, including the needs of global companies
3Com LAN to LAN for LAN to WAN boundary and border issues series of border security firewall solution. In the LAN, the firewall can be deployed as a system, in the network between two different security zones perform access control policies can also be used to perform security audits as a "barrier point" to use. 3Com border firewall products support VPN functionality, better equipped to help customers across the Internet or internal network to establish a secure data transmission. Level: Security neutrality.s Office Connect with other solutions combined. Business environment for small business to provide flexible security. Low-cost wireless security solutions. Can automatically select a good channel radio frequency channel selection function. Integrated wireless gateway port 10/100M Ethernet switch four. Not only can guarantee the security of wired and wireless connections can guarantee safety.

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