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REF01CPZ Datasheet | Maxim Integrated Products
Part No. : REF01CPZ
Description : +5V, +10V Precision Voltage References
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Maxim Integrated Products
File Size : 251 Kb

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New motherboard model BLP35P-G, the boards most important feature is the entire board all solid capacitor design, equipped with a heat pipe thermal solution, more importantly, provides support for DDR3 memory specification, and the price is only 688 , a record price of DDR3 memory, a new record board. Cthim ZM-BLP35P-G motherboard chipset based P35/ICH9 design. Support the 1333MHz FSB, LGA775 interface to use the full range of processors. Dual Channel DD3 1066 memory, motherboard provides four DIMM slots. Provides two PCI-E bus graphics slot. Onboard network interface. Cthim ZM-BLP35P-G motherboard with four-phase power circuit design, with high-quality solid polymer capacitors. Cthim ZM-BLP35P-G Motherboard memory and disk interface cthim ZM-BLP35P-G motherboard provides four DIMM memory slots, supports dual-channel DDR3 1066 memory specifications. Disk interfaces with the ICH9 southbridge chip, provides four SATA interfaces.

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