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To achieve these goals, companies can rely on the only fact the strength of the brand, without a number of strong brands, one day the company is dissolved, will remain in history no less than any impression, and with these brands, even in the face as 06,07 In this industry downturn, or a more sinister market environment, we can still make a comeback. Like Coca-Cola Company, regardless of taste in it and the extent of impact on health challenge, but as long as there is the brand Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola can be saved the day. Like Procter & Gamble, as long as Head & Shoulders, Rejoice, Olay, Gillette and other brands, even if P & G into another name, it will still be the worlds largest cosmetic companies. Like Apple, because of the Apple brand, so its computer, its Ipod, its mobile phones, as well as its upcoming Ipad, each product can be swept across the world. Boston Consulting Group study of 30 new categories of products in the leading brands and found that in 1929 leaders of the 30 brands in 27 ranking in 1988, still brave the market first. In 50 years time, where these brands must have experienced countless businesses stormy sea, but these high-quality brands to make them Everlasting. In fact, there are many domestic companies like Wong Lo Kat companies do not get angry because it pioneered the drinks, a few short years to become a world-class beverage companies. There are Hunan TV, which trump card if it is a TV show moved to another channel, it will soon become the country as they are now the second highest ratings the channel. "Undoubtedly, the Konica Minolta based on smart composite machine of the campus card to provide users with self-service printing and copying solution is advanced, its perfect functionality, intelligent, personalized, user-friendly design, caring service impressive. "invited to visit the OA Office Automation International Conference and Exhibition Organizing Committee Secretary-General," Office Automation "magazine commented Mamu weeks.
Do as the IT mainstream projector display devices, the pursuit of color has never stopped. To better appreciate the images can not do without color support. So the color reproduction capabilities, has become the standard measure of performance of the projector. Especially in the commercial area, demanding color requirements is the most important business presentations. As a global business investment is now below 6000 yuan in the first-line projector brands more and more. In business, the field of education has considerable influence on the Epson today special promotions. Promotional price of only 5999 yuan, the price is from Beijing to provide a Epson projector dealers, though not a wide range of price adjustment, but such a price can be considered very low.

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