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Excellent process design skills coupled with the technical characteristics, the new ultra-Xiang X2000 with the parties beyond the general scope of high-end business computers, and powerful scalability, will give business users an unprecedented feeling. Xiang X2000 uses the new Ultra 64-bit Intel processor, compatible with all major current market-based 16-bit and 32-bit software, while application of 64-bit architecture compatible with the software can also be very good. Expansion of the motherboard, the new ultra-Xiang X2000 motherboard can support mainstream PCIE 16 graphics and PCIE 1 device, while providing the standard full-height PCI expansion slots to meet the large customer trades may be made to specific needs.
So how do we build a low-cost, high performance, easy management of Internet cafes network environment? Perhaps ASUS ASUS Smart managed switches with GX1124i + Switch to Fujin champion as the core network solutions for Internet cafes set up to as many Internet cafe owners to reference. The following is a champion of Internet cafes Fujin topology network solutions: First, the use of Gigabit core, gigabit backbone to support Gigabit copper and fiber access. Therefore, the flexibility to deploy network connectivity, increase network speed, eliminating network congestion, thus making a smoother video applications, games, more fun in the process, without any hindrance.

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