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Part No. : R6686-11
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Manufacturer : Hamamatsu Corporation
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R6686-11 Article About

Energy-saving technology for the VIA recommendation certificate issued by the China Standard Certification Center, is only authorized to carry out the national energy saving, water saving and environmental products certification of third-party certification body, the certification body has also been widely recognized in the international arena. The recommended access to energy-saving technologies VIA PowerSaver technology, mainly through the ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification set to address the key energy-consuming parts of the computer --- CPU performance and power consumption, which can effectively reduce the power consumption. PowerSaver technology is now widely used in the VIA line of CPU products, and received a good energy saving effect, for example, equipped with a PowerSaver Technologys flagship product, C7-M processor clocked at 1.5G, the maximum design power of less than 12W, Average power consumption is less than 1 W, while the C7-D desktop processor and a maximum of not more than 20W. Economic and social environmental benefits are considerable.
The system consists of 19-inch standard rack-mounted hardware and NPCWorks, NPCview management software, while supporting DCLive IT operations management platform. Way system through the web remote management, the use of management platform, not only for power monitoring, but also in remote Automatic Turning, power monitoring, power search and all aspects related to power monitoring, have a powerful function and friendly user interface . More importantly, NPCWorks distributed multi-level management that the system not only has the function of localized power management, but also with multiple branch or remote unattended room centralized power management capabilities.

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